The story of a former tour manager Jay-Z found Islam

Kamis, 2 April 2015 06:39 Reporter : Sri Wiyanti
The story of a former tour manager Jay-Z found Islam George Green. ©2015 - The entertainment industry's identical with glamorous life, materialistism, and also drugs. Especially in the United States, that has become a center of entertainment worldwide. Such an abundant money and fame pouring entertainment industry players in States like heaven.

Those lavish lifestyles also affect people who work behind the scenes. One of them is George Green, which has been quite long involved in the entertainment industry. He is part of the success of many American hip hop artists.

As a tour manager, Green plays a significant role in the career of superstar such as Jay-Z and Kanye West and the ranks of other famous names. As a top tier tour manager, Green was also able to fulfill his old passion for travelling.

By now, Green has traveled to 50 states beside over 80 countries such as Germany, France, South Africa, Senegal, Bolivia, Chile, China, Cambodia, Australia until New Zealand.

"I spent about 15 years in the American entertainment industry," said Green to, Sunday (29/3).

However, the glamorous life that Green experienced often leave him dissatisfied. In fact, Green felt his soul becoming more and more hollow.

He often remember his childhood at Harlem, New York, a place which is very hard for a young Green. There are lot of struggle to live in Harlem. Green has been familiar with gang violence, drugs and other bad influences. Unfortunately, it is not easy to break away from those bad influences.

Until one day in 2006, Green traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates with rap superstar and muslim, Akon. That moment gave Green such a strong impression. He heard azan, the prayer call in Islam. "In 2006 I visited Dubai with rapper Akon. When I heard the Azan I was intrigued and curious of what it was,".

Green then learning out about Islam. Little by little, until he's sure to embrace this new religion. Undergoing the process of searching Islam for about five years, Green then decided to convert to Islam and took off all heaven of entertainment career he has built brick by brick.

It is not easy for him while convert, though at last he's confident enough to choose what he really want. "In 2011, I decided to embrace Islam," said Green.

After becoming a moslem, he feels an urgent need to be closer to God. In 2012, Green perform Umrah. At that moment, he felt that he could not restrained his emotions. In front of Kaaba, Green could only shed tears as well as called the name of Allah.

"When I walked into the mosque and headed to the crowd and looked at the Kaaba, my emotions out of control. I was crying and just said, 'Allahu Akbar'," he said.

Now, Green choose a life as a motivational speaker, author, and humanitarian. It's not uncommon to find Green feeding the homeless on the streets of New York City, USA or in Melbourne, Australia. Now Green is committed to work on various charitable projects and humanitarian globally.

"I am active with Muslims Giving Back, The Canadian Dawah Association and New Future Foundation non profit charitable groups which co existed through the United Nations,".

In addition, Green has also contributed to committees and groups through the United Nations as an active participant in discussions surrounding youth culture exchange programs and women's rights. "I feel lucky to be in my position today to share my life story to the world, I hope my story, though only a piece, can inspire young people everywhere."

Green perceived added value to carry out the new activity is the opportunity to visit the countries he had never visited before. "One day I will visit Indonesia," he said. [siw]

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